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ABOUT...Aloha Bridlington

Aloha Bridlington

Come along to the NEW Hawaiian Tex-Mex restaurant, offering great food, great drinks and one of the best sea views in town.

Some History About Hawaii

Native Hawaiians are a rare race of people. They are not named from their State (Californians, New Yorkers, Texan etc.), the State is named for the people.

Their ancestors were the original Polynesians who sailed to Hawaii and settled on the island around 5th Century A.D.

The first recorded Western contact came in 1778 when Captain James Cook sailed on the HMS Resolution into Kealakekua Bay.

Because of their previous isolation from the rest of the world, the native polulation's numbers dropped from an estimated 1 million to approximately 40,000 due to their exposure to Small Pox, Measles, Influenza and the Common Cold.


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